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The energy career path

The importance of the energy sector to the entire human race cannot be overemphasized. The energy sector alone is pertinent to the survival of billions on this planet. Over the years, we have seen tremendous increases and improvements in the energy sector, which has resulted in the creation of several occupations within the energy sector. Thus, the energy career path is a smart path to tow and we’ll look at the career options available in this sector and the highest-paying professions in the energy sector. 

The energy career path

The energy sector is generally behind the businesses, residences, industries, and almost every other institution you can think of; the energy sector assures these companies’ continual operation. Without energy, there won’t be business as we know it today. 

Daily, the need for renewable forms of energy increases, and this automatically translates to an increase in job prospects within the sector. Occupations within this sector range from manual needs like the traditional engineering roles as we know them to even software engineering. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the energy sector, you are assured of possible employment opportunities. 

Is Energy a Good Career Path?

Currently, there is a wide range of energy products and resources that are in use all around the globe. Fossil fuel still forms a more significant percentage of our energy. Still, the advent of renewable energy sources like wind farms and solar are pointers to other opportunities. These other forms of energy also continually contribute to our energy supply every year. So, yes, the energy sector offers a wide range of career paths, and if you are considering towing one of those, we are here to tell you that you are doing great. 

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Working in the Energy Sector; A Glance 

When working in the energy sector, the saying that two individuals can experience the same thing and give different interpretations couldn’t be more accurate. Take, for instance, a worker at a gas excavation site and another worker at a company wholly focused on renewable energy. Although in the same sector, they won’t be making use of the same pieces of equipment or techniques. 

The energy sector is vast, and you could have situations where people working in the same sector get to work on entirely different projects and under diverse environments. 

While you may have software developers working in an office environment, chemists working on chemicals will work in laboratories. Yet again, you will have installers and machine operators working on site. Suffice it to state that different energy harvesting cycles will be experienced by those pursuing a career in the sector. 

What is the average pay for employees in the sector?

According to a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median yearly pay for employees in the energy sector ranges between $80,000 and $100,000. It is human for people to seek to discover how lucrative their career paths are. We are here to tell you that jobs in this industry often pay well. 

Many traditional energy roles pay well, but some of the highest-paying roles are in the power generation sector. Roles within renewable energy also form part of the highest-paying jobs in the energy sector. 

Jobs in Energy with the Fastest Growth

According to the report provided by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average growth rate for every occupation within the energy sector is 8%. 

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 We present you with a glance at the five energy jobs with the fastest growth rates below: 

Energy Job Growth Rate Time Frame
Wind turbine technician 68% 2020 – 2030.
Solar panel installers 52% 2020 – 2030
Derrick Operator 30% 2020 – 2030
Software developers 22% 2020 – 2030
Industrial machinery mechanics 19% 2020 – 2030

 Three of the five occupations above are in the conventional energy sector, while the other two are in the renewable energy sector.

The Top Highest-Paying Energy Jobs

At the end of our research, we discovered that among the highest-paying jobs in the energy sector listed below, each of the careers listed has excellent job opportunities and most strongly focuses on conventional energy and energy engineering. 

Here’s a quick look: 

  • Environmental Scientist

These are exceptional engineers tasked with managing pollution and waste disposal, among others, and ensuring the needs of people living within areas where energy explorations are undertaken. The environmental specialist designs solutions to the negative impact of energy on the environment. A bachelor’s degree is necessary for this job.

  • Chemist

Professionals in this sector work with chemical processes that result in combustion. The work environment for a Chemist is mainly in a laboratory, and often a doctorate is required for this job. 

  • Industrial Engineer

These engineers get to work and aim to achieve maximum efficiency in an energy project while cutting waste to the barest minimum. In his field, a Master’s degree is helpful as they have to have first-hand knowledge of every working tool used on the job site. 

  • Civil Engineer

A civil engineer works on big infrastructure projects. They are engaged in the planning, developing, and maintaining of such projects. While a Bachelor’s degree will suffice, extra education is advised. 

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