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One of the best types of the retail establishment to own is that which deals with – clothing, shoes, and accessories. Suppose you have training or formal education as a stylist, or you are a fashion enthusiast who enjoys dressing nicely and can make fashion recommendations to others. In that case, the clothing/shoe/accessory career path might be perfect for you.


Everything detailed in this establishment, from clothing to shoes and accessories, are societal needs consumers will always aim to satisfy. And this speaks to the importance and growth experienced in the industry yearly. 

Choosing a particular sector or field within the industry is entirely up to you as an individual. 

In this guide, we will break down all you need to know to start in this sector.

Reasons to Choose a Career in Clothing, Shoes, and Accessory Stores

As previously noted, there is a high demand for skilled professionals in different departments within this sector. This demand has undeniably led to more job opportunities. 

As an employee in this sector, you are sure of your remunerations, seeing the amount of money made each year. You can also meet new and exciting people from all over the world while working in this sector. You not only gain fresh insights into the way people view the world, but you are also able to 

As a professional interested in the clothing industry, you could own your own business in the shortest time possible. You can use social media and its powers to start your own business, establish your hours and become your boss. 

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A career in the clothing industry is both bright and exciting. There is literally never a dull moment; if you’re not dealing with consumers, you are on the phone placing orders and taking deliveries. A career in this industry keeps you on your toes and ensures you never have a boring moment. 

Don’t forget the many fascinating people who share your dreams that you will always make contact with. 

What Requirements Are Necessary To Succeed in this Industry?

To be successful in the clothing, accessory, or shoe businesses, you must possess a few skills. Let’s take a look at the list: 

  • You must be passionate about fashion; there should exist in you the drive to offer more aesthetically pleasing looks to your clients while making sure there are comfortable. 
  • You should also have great communication skills. A lot of the time at your place of business, you will encounter many customers daily. 
  • Possessing good managerial skills would count as a plus in the sector. You should pay attention to the fine details of things. This will help in your journey by determining the client’s taste and choice in no time. You will also be in charge of maintaining and managing inventories. 

Salary for Working at a Clothing, Shoe, or Accessory Store

We gathered during our investigations that the average shoe designer in the United States is paid $82,477 per year or $39.65 per hour.

While considering the actual pay range, we noticed that the highest 10% of this range make about $125,000 annually, while the lower rung of the spectrum can see individuals making about $54,000 yearly. 

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In a bid to understand this wide difference, we discovered that, as with most professions, location is an important factor in this business. Designers in places like Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Connecticut, and Rhode Island saw a significant rise in their earning capacity. As with most things, the location may be quite important. 

Working in this industry also means that you will have the opportunity to work with footwear and clothing from different brands every day. How exciting can that get! 

Frequently a lot of brands get discounts on available goods. If you enjoy shopping like I know you would, this is a great opportunity to know first-hand about this information early enough to make your purchases at greatly discounted prices.

Customer interactions are a major component of most retail jobs and easily allow you to meet new people. If you are an international student, this might be the dream job that allows you to assimilate into your study community. 

Cons of Working in the Clothing, Shoe, or Accessory Store

A major challenge in working in this industry is perhaps the long exhausting hours. Most stores are open almost 24 hours a day. There is the need to have employees who attend to the customers that trickle into these stores during the day and even at odd hours. 

The festive periods see a very high demand in these stores. It becomes stressful for most stores to manage the impatience and demands of customers. This is why the industry experiences a high turnover rate and training for new hires. 

The Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores Career Path

Online shopping has become quite popular, but cloth shops will still remain an integral part of the industry. They have physical personnel who know highly about the store’s items. This knowledge helps them in addressing shoppers’ requests. 

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You can see shops carrying everything from clothes to shoes and even accessories in retail shopping. Other times, you can find shops selling only one product. Don’t also forget that the experience you garner from this job may be all you need to open your own retail business or clothing line. So yes, the clothing industry is a good career choice.