The 5 Part-Time Work Options in Germany for International Students

Many factors could affect a student’s decision to study abroad. These could be a result of the university’s ranking in the world, Part-time work options available, extensive research options, and even good post-study work.

Part-Time Work Options in Germany

Germany has one of the best universities in the world ranking, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and modern facilities, an unlimited number of courses available for students; these options and more make Germany a destination sweetheart for most international students contemplating their studies abroad.

In this guide, our primary focus will be on helping international students find available part-time work options in Germany. We will also consider the rules, if any, to be upheld and generally every other detail which will make your part-time job search a walk in the park.

Part-time works are suitable stepping stones toward a tremendous professional career. Part-time work options in Germany is also a way to earn extra money, which international student can spend on their living cost. Whatever the reason behind a student’s choice of part-time jobs, it is an excellent way for students to utilize their time for monetary benefits.

However, international students must follow specific rules by the German authorities to fully utilize the advantages of a part-time work option.

Such students must understand the eligibility standards and relevant laws that apply to part-time work for international students in Germany, the next is the source of the part-time job, and the third is the jobs available to international students.

Let’s take a cursory look at them.

Student part-time jobs in Germany:

An International student is allowed entry into Germany only upon the issuance and presentation of their Student Visa. The German student visa accords the student with a couple of benefits, including the option of taking up part-time employment while studying. International students are generally permitted to work for 120 full or 240 half days each year as a student in Germany. Self-employment or freelancing is not permitted under the part-time work option.

International students are generally permitted to work for 120 full or 240 half days each year as a student in Germany. Self-employment or freelancing is not permitted under the part-time work option.

Also, being an international student in certain regions might mean more work hours than 120 full days. It is not surprising to find students in low-employment regions or regions where more manpower is required to have work permits with more hours spelled out than the general 120 full or 240 half days rule.

As is the practice generally, students can only work 20 hours a week during the term; however, they can take up full-time employment after the term. Also, the international student requires a work permit from the Federal Employment Agency (Federal Employment Agency), which will spell out the maximum work limit a student can engage in.

As an international student engaged in a preparatory or language course, you are permitted to work on only your lecture-free periods and only with permission from the German authority.

Another essential factor to note is taxation; an international student who earns below 450 euros monthly is not required to pay any taxes. You’re also exempt if you work for less than 50 days continuously over one year. As an international student, you should not work for more than 20 hours a week. It is against the rules of most universities and would require you to pay certain insurance covers. It is very pertinent you comply with Federal Laws as an international student.

Part-time Job Posting for International students:

Another dilemma most international students encounter is the issue of discovering the sources for these available part-time job openings. Below is a list of places an international student should begin his search for part-time job options in Germany from:

  1. University Career Cells:

In most German universities, a career cell exists. These cells aim to bring employers and students together on a common platform. These university career cells are always in touch with many industries and sectors that comprise the employers of labor. These employers are always looking for fresh talents, and international students are therefore advised to get acquainted with their career cells for part-time work opportunities.

  1. Online Job Portals:

Just like other countries, Germany has portals dedicated to part-time job listings on its website. Employers of labor post job openings; students can browse the job listings, identify where they are a great fit, and apply.

  1. Word of mouth:

International students are encouraged to be engaged with the international communities in Germany and make friends and acquaintances. These are also opportunities to get a part-time job in Germany.

  1. University Bulletin:

International students are advised to regularly go through their school bulletin; job opportunities are usually listed on it. This could be an avenue for an international student to find a part-time job within the university.

Part-time job sectors for international students in Germany:

In this section, we will be taking a look at some of the popular part-time sectors in Germany:

  1. Teaching / Graduate/ Research Assistants at the University

This job is usually open to research scholars. It pays a good amount of money and is on the top list of jobs for part-time options available to international students. The job role could include assisting professors with marking school work, supervising research or students, and preparing research materials.

One would need to regularly check the notice boards and apply early to enable them to get the job position.

  1. As support staff/ waiters at cafés, bars, etc.:

Many times one would find a lot of international students handling catering or waiting assignments. Many students opt for this part-time job for reasons other than money. Working in this sector also affords the students excellent opportunities to explore the city, interact with new people and simply live life as youngsters again. And yes, the tips are great too!

  1. English Tutors:

Teaching English to German students is another lucrative job opportunity for international students. However, you have to be proficient in the language before making a decent payout in this job sector.

  1. Industrial Production Assistants:

This is well suited for international students who are open to gaining more experience and employment options. The pay is very decent, and with Germany offering you a 1-year post-study work permit after your studies, this could be the herald of a great career in Germany. These jobs can be seen listed in the local newspapers.

Part-time work options in Germany: How much do they pay?

As a part-time employee in Germany, the minimum wage you can expect as of 2022 is the sum of 12 euros an hour. You can earn more than that, depending on your work.

The German minimum wage is revised and updated every two years. The wages are usually higher in big cities and the cost of living in such cities.

Finally, we would like to advise international students not to see part-time jobs as a means of paying for their education. It should be a great source of extra cash and means of socialization but not the key determinant to your survival in Germany.



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