The 5 Most Popular Job Sectors in Australia 2022

Dreaming of studying in Australia but are unsure about the course and related job opportunities. Here’s a quick look at the top popular job sectors in Australia. By 2022 it is projected that Australia will have job openings of 550,789 openings across 5 main sectors of Education, Healthcare, Technical & scientific Sectors, and Professional Services sectors at large for those who opt to Study in Australia.

Australia’s friendly laws and high demand for skilled workers continue to drive people to the island country. The unique education system adds to the number by providing an accessible route for students looking for a ‘better life. For the latter, it, however, becomes imperative to understand the popular job sectors that have a constant demand for professionals to choose the suitable courses to opt for. The job opportunities would be available in both the private sector and government undertakings of Australia.

The 5 Most Popular Job Sectors in Australia 2022


5 Most Popular Job Sectors in Australia

There are five core job sectors to which job seekers are attracted in Australia. They include – Education, Healthcare, Construction, Professional – Scientific & Technical, and Information Technology sectors. These sectors offer both full-time placements and also offer part-time jobs in Australia. Here’s a list of the most popular job sectors that have a constant demand and will continually increase in number in the years ahead in Australia.

1. Healthcare and Medical

Australia suffers from an aging population, just like most developed countries worldwide.

The demand for medical and healthcare professionals is increasing, with more people crossing to the other side of 45. Expected forecasts of the Healthcare and Medical industry for 2020 and beyond look very encouraging. The same forecasts also predict a shortfall of more than 100,000 nurses in Australia by 2050.

Students who are would-be doctors or are tending towards providing healthcare services, Australia provides an excellent job prospect for years to come. It is, however, essential to note that Australian Medical study programs are pretty expensive and run for about 5 years. As you plan your study in Australia, you can start by learning all about Medicine from Australia – Eligibility, Exams required, Structure, and Validity of the program.

2. Construction and Architects

The Construction and Architects sector essentially needs more skilled workers. The demand for electricians, plumbers, and stonemason are ripe and huge. It is important to note that as the building industry grows, so would the demand for Electrical Engineers, Civil Engineers, and also Architects, and Interior Designers. If you are tending towards this sector, then Australia is sure to provide you with an excellent opportunity to find a good job and seek your own endeavors.

The industry is essentially looking for qualified architects and engineers. Construction Planning and Management is a good course for engineering students to look at. Likewise, the more the projects, the more the need for qualified Project Managers – deftly provided by qualified MBA professionals. So, both MBA Colleges in Australia and Architecture in Australia would continue to be a safe bet!

3. Education

Australia’s population is experiencing an upsurge, reporting a more than positive incline in its trend. As such, there is a strong need for quality education and, in turn, quality educationists. This is more available for primary teachers and language teachers. The industry will likely see double-digit growth by 2025 (as per official reports).

If you enjoy teaching, then you are sure to find a good job in Australia. The qualifications would typically include specialists in training and primary teaching as well as specialist counselors. Consequently, the trending courses would include a Master in Education. Likewise, most of the TAFE Institutes offer outstanding certificate programs that can enable the transition into the country.

4. Professional Services – Technical & Scientific Area

The Technical & Scientific industry is termed to be the largest in Australia, with over 200,000+ professionals. In terms of its growth, it is speculated that by 2022 it is set to create over 127,000+ jobs, and this industry will boom with an annual increase in job opportunities by over 13%.

Students with technical degrees would be preferred over other degree-holding candidates. Students can look for offers through job portals and also by networking to avoid missing out on the right opportunities.

5. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The wide requirement for IT and Telecommunications Professionals has been triggered by digitization which is a global phenomenon. Australia also faces the same requirement, making ICT one of the top sectors with a steady demand for qualified professionals. Projected to grow at a rate of 12%, the companies are continually on the lookout for fresh talents to put up with the fast-paced technological changes.

Students pursuing engineering degrees in IT and Communications are sure to find relevant job offers in Australia. It is also worthwhile to mention that the highest demand within the industry would be the Computer Networking Professionals sector which is expected to increase by an enormous percentage in the years ahead.


In conclusion, if you are planning to study and live in Australia, there are plenty of job opportunities open to students across domains.

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