The 5 Highest Paying Job Sectors in Canada

Are you looking for jobs in Canada that will provide you with the required job security while still providing you with good money to handle your daily cost of living in Canada? If you’re an international student entertaining the thoughts of one day applying for Permanent Residency (PR) in the future, having a secured, well-paying job and the most in-demand skills and qualifications will help you when the time comes. There’s no better way to start this journey than to be informed of the highest-paying job sectors in Canada. Due to Canada’s geographical location, the population in certain areas is sparse. The Canadian economy mainly depends on immigrants and foreign nationals to help bridge the gap in human resources and the lack thereof. Healthcare, Education, and IT are Canada’s highest-paying job sectors.

Highest paying job sectors in Canada

Below is a list of the 5 highest-paying job sectors in Canada for the year 2022:

  1. Cardiologist

A cardiologist is one whose specialty lies in the treatment of the cardiovascular system. Remember that Canada has a thriving publicly-funded healthcare system that offers one of the best remunerations. Generally, the process of becoming a cardiologist requires lots of patience, hard work, and dedication, the rewards available at the end of this journey are worthwhile. According to the report published on, the average annual salary of a cardiologist in Canada is CAD 280,591. With the current change in lifestyle, humans have become more passive in nature; the antecedent consequence of this new lifestyle will ensure the demand for cardiologists and helps in predicting its continuous rise in the future.

  1. Software Engineer

Going by the global shift and awareness, whether IT, retail, banking, etc., Software engineering and designing are jobs that will continually be in increased demand. The need for digitization is increasing, which means an increase in the need for people proficient in this sector. As a result of the post-COVID economy, businesses have seen the need to optimize their IT infrastructure significantly. According to, a Software Engineering Manager in Canada receives annually an average sum of CAD 143,044. This job role, as can be gleaned from reports and the ongoing trend, is one of the highest-paying job sectors in Canada.

  1. Management Consultant

Our business environment is becoming more demanding and arduous, resulting in the need for corporates to adjust, fit into these prevailing conditions, and remain productive. For these businesses to achieve these goals, every corporate outfit requires a Management Consultant. Thus, the demand for professional and management consulting is going to soar, which will, in turn, create increased job opportunities for Management and Business Consultants/ Professionals. Currently, there’s a rise in the integration of the global economy; it is expected that businesses will show a significant rise in their international presence. With the continued increase of this economic integration, the demand for management professionals is expected to continue to rise. To be a great fit here, candidates will acquire a business or management-related degree and then gain relevant experience in any sphere of business management and consultancy. Being a management consultant offers you the added advantage of working across a broad range of sectors. According to Glassdoor, a Management Consultant’s average salary in Canada annually is CAD 96,457.

  1. Data Scientist

The statement “Data is the new oil” isn’t becoming obsolete anytime soon. The role of data in shaping businesses, driving government initiatives, and even introducing a new product into the markets is majorly driven by data. Raw or unprocessed data can often make no comprehensible sense. Data leads you to that aha moment only when it has been processed, and a structure within it identified. Helping businesses and, indeed, any organization make informed business choices through data processed and analyzed is a data scientist. reports that the average annual salary of a Data Scientist in Canada is CAD 84,630.

  1. Registered Nurses 

The Canadian healthcare system is referred to as Canadian Medicare. This healthcare system is publicly funded, and the various Canadian provinces oversee its activities and administration. On the report of, the average annual salary of a registered nurse in Canada is between CAD 57,22 and CAD 81,616. There is also an expected increase in the demand for Registered Nurses over the next couple of years. Generally, medical professionals are considered one of the highest-paying job sectors in Canada, so demand is expected to be high. This sector is growing faster than most sectors, and their need increased as a result of the pandemic. Another factor driving this demand for registered nurses is Canada’s aging population. As is widely known, an elderly population will often require larger medical attention compared to their younger counterparts. Conclusively, please note that an added advantage is the point that every province in Canada needs Registered Nurses, so that certainly means more opportunities are open in this field.

Other High-Paying Jobs in Canada

Notwithstanding the jobs already mentioned above, reports show that Canada will experience an increased and consistent demand for Doctors, Miners, Customer Service Representatives, and Truck Drivers.

Here are other job sectors that made it to our list;

  • Industrial Electrician
  • Corporate Controller
  • Psychologist
  • Dentists
  • Financial Advisors
  • Pharmacist
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Aerospace Engineer


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