The 10 Most Popular Part-time Campus Jobs for Students in the US

Most students who go abroad to study consider part-time jobs very important. Having a part-time job as a student abroad, especially in the US, will not only improve your financial status but also provide you with the needed social interactions and help foster your integration into society. A part-time campus job for a student in the US will provide you with work experience and help you fully enjoy student life and culture.

Part-time Campus Jobs for Students in the US

In the US, according to the American students’ visa guidelines, such a student is permitted to work for only 20 hours each week when they have a running academic session. However, when classes are on break, the student is permitted to cover up to 40 hours a week at work.

The next question would be how do I find part-time jobs on campus. Rest easy; finding jobs on-campus at American universities is very easy. The good news is that these jobs are tailored to the stipulations above concerning the number of hours you can put in.

Take a quick look at the 10 most popular on-campus jobs available at American universities.

  1. Teaching Assistant:

    A popular part-time campus job available is the teaching-assistant position; this works best for folks devoted to research and academics. On this job, you can have either of two profiles: “teaching fellows” or “teaching assistants.” While teaching fellows are usually graduate students, a teaching assistant can be a graduate but saddled with less formal tasks such as handing out assignments, etc. To land this job role, you must network with your professors, as they are seldom any posts about these vacancies.

  2. Tour Guide:

    Popular campus activity is the Campus tour. In most cases, prospective applicants go on these tours with their parents or guardians. American campuses boast of great architecture loaded with history and large landscapes, this is why guided, and paid tours are ways to explore the campuses and get familiar. This job position means you’re at home with your campus, so students usually take up this job role in their third or fourth year. As a campus Tour guide, you’ll be required to report directly to your college’s Admissions Department. This job will test your people’s skills and will be a great fit for anyone who is outgoing and friendly. You also must be great at communication since you’ll be explaining a lot, giving answers to questions, and talking to potential students.

  3. Production Assistant:

    This is perhaps one of the coolest on-campus job positions to hold; American universities acknowledge and emphasize campus extra-curricular activities like dances, concerts, comedy shows, and plays. For these activities to be carried out, the organizers engage in a large amount of backstage and hands-on work. A student interested in such activities can apply for any of these roles, and you even get to watch the performances at no cost; after all, you’re part of the crew.

  4. Campus Tech Support:

    Today, most students are computer or tech-savvy. This skill can be a great advantage to such students; they can inquire from the computer support department for assistant job openings. This job role is also open to students majoring in a technical field. In US universities, tech support is always proffered to classrooms, laboratories, and even libraries, which shows the importance and relevance of this position. Students are required to step in when emergencies occur; this leaves the student with ample time to concentrate on their academics.

  5. Library Monitor:

    the library monitor is tasked with maintaining etiquette and a quiet atmosphere in the college library. They also oversee every study place in the library. The perk of this job is the ample time and opportunity it offers. Working as a library monitor ensures you can study and access available materials. So, you’re not just making all that extra cash, you’re also acing it in your academics and becoming a better student than when you enrolled; and if you’re an ardent reader, you just found yourself the coolest on-campus job.

  6. Academic Department Assistant:

    This job role consists of clerical duties. In this role, you’ll be involved with paperwork, sorting, filing, and keeping proper records of paper trails within your department. If you consider yourself a great fit, you should ask your Head of Department for available opportunities. Priority for this role is always given to students within the department, allowing you to network with professors and form valuable connections that will aid you in your life on campus and even outside.

  7. Research Study Assistant:

    A Research Assistant is primarily tasked with collecting information for a particular task. They also conduct research and assist professors in carrying out specific tasks geared toward the research. They also offer research assistance to other researchers who might require extra research. If you dream of pursuing a Ph.D. or entering academia, this is a great fit for you.

  8. Catering Assistant and Food Runners:

    If you are a student interested in hospitality or pursuing a course on hospitality, this is the right job for you. This job role enables students to work in university cafeterias and restaurants, affording them hands-on experience in catering. Any student can, however, opt for this job role, especially if the smell of freshly baked goods is a weakness.

  9. Sales Job:

    A job in sales is one of the best part-time positions one can find in the USA for foreign students. This role aids them in interacting socially with locals and fellow students while still making extra cash. A student can work as a sales assistant at many places, such as the campus grocery, clothing store, etc.

  10. Barista:

    In most US colleges, sleep is considered a luxury, so to stay active and awake for the greater part of the day, coffee has become one of the most in-demand drinks on campuses. Working as a Barista will allow you to also learn a lot about coffee, espresso, tea, and other drinks. And if you love coffee too, this is your lucky job as you will be granted employee discounts that enable you to save money.

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