Staff Nurse (How to Apply and Get Hired Instantly)

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust is currently employing for the post of a Staff Nurse.

Keep reading this article to find out more about this job opportunity.

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Job Description

SDEC provides patients with Same Day Emergency Care in a hospital environment.

Patients are evaluated, diagnosed, and treated, allowing them to be discharged and return for follow-up care, diagnostic tests, inspections, or referrals to a specialty if necessary.

SDEC is a critical component of the Emergency Care Pathway.

The role holder will take part in providing patients and their families with excellent levels of care.

Specifically, taking charge of a group of patients’ diagnosis, preparation, implementation, and review of evidence-based nursing care plans.

As necessary, they will take part in the daily operations of the facility to ensure a seamless and productive operation while the Ward Manager is away.

They will be accountable for their own personal growth, contributing to the creation of an atmosphere conducive to learning and to the strict standards of medical practice.

To be aware of one’s own limitations and to ask senior personnel for guidance and assistance.

Effectively contribute to the Trust’s work in order to help the realization of our goals and principles.

Northampton General Hospital is one of the country’s top employers and we are on a thrilling adventure.

As we update, improve, and grow, all of our departments are dedicated to carrying out tasks more productively and effectively.

As well, we have joined forces with the local Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in a group model to form University Hospitals of Northamptonshire.

Our Core Values

  • Kindness
  • Responsibility
  • Tolerance
  • Honesty
  • Courage

We wish to employ the ideal candidates to offer our services throughout the University Hospitals of Northamptonshire and assist in maximizing everyone’s potential.

As a company, we respect the ways in which we reach out to various areas and advertise our job openings.

We assist our service members, veterans, families, and companions as a defence positive trust.

In light of the underrepresentation of BAME, disabled, and LGBTQ+ persons in our institutions, The Hospital Group welcomes applications from individuals who identify as members of all protected groups.

We are aware that working with co-workers from various origins requires us to ensure their workplace is welcoming and cooperative.

There are lively Networks here that help and encourage co-workers from many walks of life.

This guarantees that everyone who works for Kettering and Northampton General Hospitals feels welcomed and a part of the team.

Medical Excellence

The role holder will be in charge of reviewing, organizing, executing, and analyzing patient care, in order to always provide the best possible nursing care.

Communicate with the other members of the multidisciplinary team and give them pertinent information.

Help with the inspection and monitoring of nursing practice under the direction of the chief nurse.

Work together and amicably with others in order to satisfy the demands of patients and their families.

Show excellent documentation standards of practice in accordance with Trust policy.

Show a solid understanding of fundamental nursing care and centre their practice on the most recent research.

Show that you are proficient in broadening role skills or that you are eager to become proficient in them.

People/Management Excellence

Set goals for your job and show that you can handle it, along with overseeing the duties of your more junior co-workers.

He or she will support productive collaboration among the team’s many specialties.

Show strong interpersonal skills, which will support the upkeep of motivation and enthusiasm in the workplace.

Be proactive in handling issues and show that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize issues and solve them.

Always observe the Trust’s rules, processes, and regulations, and make sure that everyone else in their area of responsibility abides by them as well.

Make sure to encourage the goals, safety, and health of all patients, employees, and guests to the clinical setting.

Professional Duties of a Staff Nurse

Participate in the Trust Corporate and Directorate-Specific Induction and Competency Training.

Be able to identify one’s own learning demands and create a customized growth strategy while acknowledging one’s own limitations.

Take personal accountability for determining their own learning demands, as well as for keeping up with their own professional growth and necessary training.

Provide a learning atmosphere that encourages the learning of fresh information and skills, and enthusiastically participate in the growth of others.

Take part in the training and assessment of practical skills according to a set standard.

Encourage and offer health education to patients, their family members, and caregivers.

To advance a competent and favorable perception of both themselves and the Trust.

Show consideration for and encouragement for their co-workers.

Supporting Financial Excellence

To create and sustain a budget-conscious mind-set while ordering and using equipment with care and economy, supported when appropriate by written evidence.

In charge of making the best use possible of the clinical, physical, and financial resources.

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  • £27,055 – £32,934 annually

Job Category

  • Full-time

Conclusion – Staff Nurse

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust is need of interested candidates to assume the role of a Staff Nurse in their organization.

This job typically pays handsomely and it’s a good way to begin a career in the medical environment.

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