Sexual Health Outreach Worker (Apply Now)

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board is currently employing interested candidates for the role of a Sexual Health Outreach Worker in their organization.

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Job Description

The primary responsibility of a sexual health outreach worker is to do outreach work and offer specialized social support in regard to the health and wellness objectives, which is both internal and external to the Directorate of Sexual and Reproductive Health.

The post holder will work independently to encourage, involve, and provide vulnerable adults and youth with the means to independently access local sexual health services.

The post holder will organize and present structured sexual health education to vulnerable youth in a range of venues.

The post holder will work as a member of the Outreach Team, making sure that all patients receiving care, both internally and externally, get secure and efficient care.

They will also assist awareness programs while working extensively with internal partners and other organizations.

Vital to this position is the ability to build relationships with partnership companies responsible for the care and support of both adults and children, as well as those with identified vulnerabilities.

It is also important to be able to interact and connect properly with vulnerable and difficult-to-reach young individuals.

It gives us great joy to seek out a qualified applicant to join our Sexual Health Outreach team on a permanent contract at band 6 level.

You will mostly work with young individuals and vulnerable adults in a range of environments.

Our goal is to equip our customers to have healthy sexual relationships by providing assistance via the delivery of interventions that promote the development of safer relationships, increase the adoption of contraception, and prevent sexually transmitted infections by boosting self-esteem.

We also offer assistance to victims of sexual assault.

As the candidate, you must have in-depth understanding of safety practices, be able to spot vulnerability, and take appropriate action to protect patients.

You will be more equipped to work with customers who are well-known in the fields of CSE, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic violence.

You should be able to connect with young individuals and act as their advocate when necessary.

You also need to have great communication abilities.

You will be expected to cooperate with other organizations and provide education to both small and large audiences face-to-face in a classroom setting as well as online.

Welsh fluency is preferred for this position; however, English and/or Welsh speakers are both invited to apply.

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board is an award-winning NHS agency driven by a desire to help people.

The Health Board offers a first-rate working environment where you can feel respected and accepted.

We have opportunities for everyone to begin, develop, and advance their career, regardless of their speciality or stage in their career.

The health board caters to a population of 650,000, hires more than 16,000 people and offers comprehensive acute, basic, and community care.

We provide amazing perks as well as several opportunities for learning and growth, including paid required training, first-rate internal programs, the chance to earn recognized credentials, and professional career tracks that comprise a variety of management development schemes.

We foster a healthy work-life balance, offer professional health support, and have a bold plan for a Wellness Centre of Excellence to help you at work.

We also provide flexible working arrangements.

Our Clinical Futures plan continues to create and encourage treatment closer to home and also high quality hospital care when required.

This comprises the latest component to the clinical futures plan, the Grange University Hospital, which will open in November 2020 and offers specialist and intensive care.

Join us in our quest to introduce innovative methods of operation and provide top-tier healthcare that is suited for the future.

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  • £33,706 – £40,588 annually

Job Category

  • Full-time


Aneurin Bevan University Health Board wants to hire people for the position of a Sexual Health Outreach Worker in their organization.

This is a very lucrative career path you may want to consider.

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