Project Manager Job Description and Salary

Today, we will discuss the project manager job description for anyone interested in pursuing this career.

Project management is at the heart of most daily operations. Project managers are in charge of organizing teams, developing team plans, and facilitating project execution to achieve a company’s goals and objectives. A project manager’s role depends on the organization and its industry.

Some begin their management careers at a consulting firm that trains them in project management methodology, while others begin by being part of a team and then work their way up the corporate ladder. To be a successful project manager, you must pay attention to detail, enjoy working closely with others, have excellent communication and motivation skills, and be Exceptionally organized.
Project manager job description

Project Manager Job Description/Responsibilities

The project manager’s major responsibility is organization. If a project is assigned a manager, it mainlymeans that many elements must fall into place. Even if multiple departments in the company share the responsibility of completing the project, the project manager is responsible for ensuring that each department does its part correctly and makes sure it syncs with the others to complete the project in time. Thus, project managers need to keep each task on track and visualize the project as a whole to make sure it comes together correctly. Meeting every deadline and staying on budget are equally essential responsibilities of the project manager.

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Skills of a Project Manager 

Project managers must have efficient and extensive organizational skills. They must be able to function on strict deadlines. Many do a lot and are responsible for various tasks all at once. Under these circumstances, project managers must have good time-management skills. Project managers are expected to be attentive to details, as these projects often involve intricate plans that cannot come together without each component being right. In the same accord, a project manager should be able to visualize the whole project to ensure all parts come together correctly. A project manager is expected to be creative because projects could fall off track and meet obstacles on the way. Creativity allows a project manager to plan and take a new course of action to overcome these obstacles. Leadership skills are also needed to help when enforcing the new plans. Project managers should be able to communicate efficiently, lead multiple teams to achieve goals, and also build trust among the teams.

Requirements for Project Managers 

The quickest path to becoming a project manager is to earn at least an undergraduate degree in management. The degree will provide a background in the essential areas of management and human resources and also strengthens necessary communication skills.

The requirements for this position often vary and depend on the company and industry. It is common for companies to require a master’s degree for project management positions, even though higher education in this field only increases the candidate’s value to the organization and their salary. Most prospective project managers apply for internships while working towards their master’s degree. Experience also helps since it bridges the gap between practice and studying because specific skills can only be learned on the job.

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Salary of Project Managers 

The average salary for U.S. project managers is about $116,000, but this figure depends hugely on the company, industry, region, and the manager’s experience and education. According to the Project Management Institute, a project manager’s salary range is between $55,000 to $175,000. The salaries of most entry-level managers and mid-level managers are between $65,000 and $91,000 in annual income. The senior project managers earn the highest annual salaries.

Certifications for Project Managers 

Although it depends on the size and industry of the company, getting certifications tends to increase one’s salary. So, you must obtain certifications for both climbing the corporate ladder and earning a higher salary.

Some of these certifications include Certified Professional in Management (CPM) and International Project Management Association (IPMA) Four-Level Certification.

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With the project manager job description explained in details, we hope it helps you decide what career path to pursue.

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