Partnership manager Job Description and Salary

With this article, you will find the partnership manager job description and salary.

Partnership managers are in charge of managing the relationship between their organization and outside entities. They work closely with suppliers, contractors, vendors, and other third parties to make sure that both sides are getting what they want and need from the relationship.

Partnership manager job description

Partnership managers are tasked with creating new partnerships or identifying ways to grow existing ones. They do this by researching potential partners, creating proposals stating how the partnership would be beneficial to both parties, and finally, negotiating the terms of the agreement, etc.

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Partnership Manager Job Description/Responsibilities 

They have a wide range of responsibilities and include :

  • Managing the relationships with partners to make sure that they are satisfied with the partnership’s performance
  • Developing new business plans, ideas, and opportunities for the company through calculated alliances with other companies
  • Reviewing contracts with partners to make sure that they abide by legal requirements
  • Analyzing financial statements to identify areas of growth and improvement
  • Developing a calculated plan with partners to ensure effective and efficient collaboration and communication
  • Managing conflicts, initiating termination processes when needed, and negotiating contracts
  • Working closely with the legal staff to create contracts and agreements with the partners
  • Oversee the development of marketing campaigns that will help increase brand awareness which will, in turn, drive revenue
  • Tracking the industry trends, technology advancements that can improve the business, and new regulations and laws

Partnership Manager Skills

To be successful as a partnership manager, you need the following skills:

  • Problem-solving skills

    Problem-solving skill is vital for partnership managers, as they often work with other employees to find solutions to problems.

  • Analytical skills

    Analytical skill is the ability to process information clearly and, with the information processed, make decisions. Partnership managers use analytical skills to assess potential partnerships, ascertain the success of the current partnerships and, with that, make decisions about future partnerships.

  • Communication skills

    Communication skill is essential for partnership managers to be able to pass information to their team and clients. They use these communication skills to talk with other departments, such as marketing and sales, to ensure their team is on the same page. Effective and efficient communication skills can also help a partnership manager to work out business agreements and contracts

  • Decision-making skills 

    Making decisions is an essential part of a partnership manager’s job. You will be responsible for deciding which partnerships to pursue, how to move forward with potential partners, and what to give them in exchange for their partnership. You will also be deciding which partnerships to modify, change or end.

  • Leadership skills 

    Leadership can aid partnership managers in encouraging their teams to work efficiently. Leadership skills can also assist you delegate tasks and encourage the employees to complete the task effectively and timely.

Partnership Manager Salary & Outlook

A Partnership manager’s salary may vary depending on the industry, company, level of education, and experience. They may also earn commissions and bonuses

The median Annual Salary of a partnership manager in the U.S is $82,500 ($39.66/hour), and the top 10% Annual Salary is $174,000 ($83.65/hour)

As new businesses are created, the demand for partnership managers increases, especially since they are essential for the growth of a business.

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Partnership Manager Job Requirements 

As a partnership manager, you need to have the following qualifications to be successful:

  • Education

    You are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in business finance or any related courses for most employers to employ you. Thou some employers may accept a High school diploma.

  • Training & Experience 

    Most partnership managers receive training on-the-job from their present or past employers. This training may include learning the software and technology used by the company and also learning the company’s policies and procedures. As a Partnership manager, you can also receive training through internships.

  • Certifications & Licenses

    You may be required by your employer to pass an industry-specific certification to show your general understanding of the field.


If you have a degree in business finance or any other related courses and still deciding what career path to pursue, we hope that this can help you decide.

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