Part-Time Jobs, Internships & Post-study Jobs in Canada

Did you know you can earn while you learn in Canada; not only does Canada offer a standard of living that is above average, but it also has excellent potential for migrants. Many job opportunities exist in Canada for both on and off-campus students. Canadians are generally friendly, strive to strike the perfect balance between work and life, and the remuneration from these jobs is great too.

It is advisable, though, as a student to have funds saved up in your bank that will maintain you while studying without needing to work for survival; most of the time, it is pretty challenging to find employment while studying.

This article will address part-time job prospects that will help support you while you study.

Part-Time Jobs Internships & Post-study Jobs in Canada

Job Prospects Generally in Canada 

Every prospective student needs to understand that there is a crucial difference between being hired for a full-time and part-time job. Firstly, to obtain a full-time position, you must have completed your program and applied for a work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. Under this program, a work permit is issued to international students who actively wish to pursue a career within their field of study.

As has been previously pointed out, one of the perks of being an international student is the availability of part-time jobs, which afford them support for their daily expenses.

These part-time jobs can be found on-campus and off campus. Let’s take a quick look at opportunities available on campus.

On-Campus Work

International students can take on jobs on the campus where they are students; they are generally allowed to take on these positions and put in a maximum of 20 hours each week. The allotted 20hours apply both when school is in session and even when it is on vacation. You can consider a job role on-campus employment if such an employee is offered by any of the facilities owned, rented, or leased by the institution.

Off-Campus Work

Before you can work off-campus as an International student, you need to have been provided with a valid off-campus work permit. An international student is qualified for an off-campus permit when they are a full-time student at a private institution provincially authorized to confer degrees or a student at a publicly funded institution.

Co-ops and Internships

Readily available also for international students and, indeed, anyone interested are internship positions; this is important because it counts as an essential stride toward accomplishing your goals. When you make yourself available for such opportunities, you gain experience on the international front and exposure and insight into the more functional areas in the industry or course you have chosen.

Some institutions require their students within a particular set of fields or sectors must complete their programs only by showing relevant work experience. Thus, these courses recognize employment as an essential part of the course and require the students to take up employment either on or off campus.

Students within this category, therefore, apply for a work permit to be issued to them. To obtain a work permit, the student requires a letter from the faculty; this serves as proof that employment forms an integral part of their study and is a prerequisite for the conferment of a degree. The university is listed as the student’s employer on the permit, and the expiry date spelled out on it matches that found on your study permit.


Types of Work Permit Applications;

For a student work permit extension, the student should send an application for an extension to the appropriate link found on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada portal.

For a new permit application, requests are to be sent to the appropriate portal on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada portal.

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