Job Opportunities in Germany: Part-time Jobs and Post-Study Work

According to the statistics published on, the number of international students in Germany has increased over the years by a total of 38.1%. It certainly is a no-brainer that many of these students are interested in job opportunities in Germany.

Job Opportunities in Germany: Part-time Jobs and Post-Study Work

One might question why we have such a high influx of international students in Germany; well, aside from the precise chance of a better life, the public institutions of learning at affordable prices, if not almost free, the job opportunities available in Germany also make it a destination for most international students.

In this article, we will be focused primarily on discussing available job opportunities in Germany. Here, we will discuss the job opportunities in Germany and how students can apply for these jobs.

It would interest you to note that in a previous article, we highlighted that international students are allowed to work for 120 full days or 240 half days in a year. These students are also entitled to the post-study work benefits of studying abroad.

Here’s a quick look at the sectors with the highest job opportunities in Germany below:

  • Building & Construction Sector
  • Electrical and Electronics Industry
  • Health Sector
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Mechanical and Automotive Sector

Now for international students, here’s a look at the Post-study and Part-time jobs in Germany

Post-study work permit in Germany:

Candidates, after their studies, either in the post-graduation or graduation degree of study, are permitted to stay back in Germany for a while to gain employment within their study area. On gaining employment, such students can convert their post-study visa into a work visa and, after that, can comfortably apply for a Permanent Residence permit after two years or more of gainful employment on a work visa/permit.

Part-time jobs in Germany:

As international students, one of the perks mostly considered is the part-time job opportunities available in foreign countries of study. Germany is not left behind in this trend. Germany has a well-structured part-time job program that ensures the student’s integration into society and enables them to take care of their living costs.

These opportunities allow the students to work part-time jobs during the duration of their programs. The students can work 120 full days or 240 half days every year. The German minimum wage is set at 9.50 euros per hour of work done.

Job opportunities in Germany

Remember, we stated earlier that one of the top reasons students want to study abroad is the number of opportunities in these foreign countries. Now, we are going to take a look at the jobs in Germany. We have discovered that most students often wonder about the right job opportunities and the legal ways to apply for those jobs.

In Germany, the universities have dedicated career cells or, in some cases, placement wings for international students. Under these cells or wings, the student presents their skills and provide their resumes for possible placements or offers from top companies in Germany.

Candidates are also advised to look outside these cells and programs; such international students can tap into the alumni network of their universities. These groups have been known to present excellent support to students looking for assistance or job opportunities in Germany and generally to build an exciting career in Germany.

Apply for Jobs in Germany

Interestingly, the Federal Government of Germany already has a page dedicated to job listings that target individuals looking for job opportunities in Germany. The website has listed over 30,000 jobs covering different sectors ranging from teaching to healthcare, producing raw materials and goods, technical and building services, and even humanities, economics, and art opportunities.

In this age and time where IT has made things even more accessible for the world, what one only needs to do to secure employment in Germany is through the click of a mouse.

International students should also keep up with their home embassies in Germany. Most times, the embassies of different countries set up helpful websites for graduates seeking job opportunities in Germany. Social media has, more often than not, proved to be a helpful tool.

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