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Is Oilfield Services/Equipment A Good Career Path?

The oilfield sector and all it encompasses must be well understood to answer the frequently asked question of whether it’s a desirable career path or not. This article will teach you everything there is to know about the oilfield sector.

What Are Oilfield Services and Equipment?

Oilfield services is an umbrella phrase that covers a wide range of enterprises that all contribute to the effective extraction of oil. Oilfield service industries hire personnel to run the equipment, do repairs on any worn-out or broken pieces, and generally maintain operations.

The oil business has undergone strident growth in technological advancement in recent years. Human labor is no longer necessary for digging or drilling holes, measuring land elevations on vast swaths, or building roads. It requires more capital because machines now perform the tasks that previously required human labour.

Workers in the oilfield service sector must be capable of operating a wide range of heavy machinery, such as tractors, dump trucks, and all of their many attachments. To understand how to use the available equipment, these specialists must be skilled at reading blueprints and drawings.

Job Associated with Oilfield Services and Equipment

Almost all of the employment in this industry requires the worker to be physically involved. However, you can be asked to move your home to the job site, so your family must move with you, or you will have to spend time away from them.

Working in the oilfield sector requires a lot of strength and endurance because it can get incredibly cold during the winter and swelteringly hot during the summer in places like the northern Alberta oilfields. You might not have time to warm up between jobs if you need to undertake heavy-duty lifting tasks.

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Qualifications for Employment in Oilfield Services and Equipment

The oil industry contractors are looking for workers who can meet, if not exceed, their physical fitness standards. Although you don’t need to be a bodybuilder to perform the duties, you should be conscious of your demands in terms of physical effort.

For employment in the oil industry, you might need the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and H2S Alive certifications. If you want to work in this field, you’ll need to save up because employers or governmental organizations do not cover these classes.

Your standing and eligibility to work on some projects and use specific tools that others would not be able to will be enhanced if you are a certified member of a structural trades association in your state or province.

Additionally, a degree in petroleum engineering is quite advantageous because most oil businesses seek candidates with such degrees.

Career Advantages in Oilfield Services and Equipment

A job in the oilfield services and equipment sector has advantages, some of which include the following:

High Pay

One aspect that draws people to the oilfield sector is the high pay; an employee may earn an average annual income of $100,000. When working long hours, an employee receives payments over time, and this income may even rise with time.

Additionally, your returned expenditures, day rate, and daily stipend cover most of your work costs, leaving you with extra cash in the bank. Additionally, your salary is impressive when you factor in common employment advantages like health insurance, allowances, and various hazard fees.

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Possibility For Development

You can choose from various jobs, including salesman, equipment operator, and supervisor. One has the option to investigate alternative career avenues and industry sectors. You may be certain that you will constantly pick up new skills and advance in talent, education, experience, and expertise. On their websites, you may always submit a job application.

A Decent Schedule

Even though you’ll work long hours and weeks, most oil industry businesses have respectable vacation programs. If you work for an offshore oil company, you get half the year off, a perk uncommon in most other areas of the global economy. Even though they may not have many nights to spend at home with their families, those they do have are often very enjoyable.


The most significant companies around the world include those in the energy sector. Our homes, automobiles, and aeroplanes are powered by the petroleum they supply. We wouldn’t be able to enjoy many of the comforts we have today without petroleum and natural gas.

There are numerous chances, from entry-level occupations to senior ones, if you’re interested in working in the oilfield.