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Is Hotels/Resorts A Good Career Path?

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Do you enjoy planning fun activities for others in pubs, hotels, and resorts? Do you enjoy the services and scenery at hotels and resorts?

If you’ve ever wondered whether a career in Hotel and Resorts is a good option, I’m here to reassure you with evidence that it is a wise choice due to a number of reasons.

What is the Hotels/Resorts Industry?

The hotel industry is known as the hospitality service sector that deals with accommodation or lodging for visitors. The hotel industry is concerned with providing accommodation and related services to visitors, such as leisure, dining, sightseeing, and recreation services.

The hotel sector includes hotels and several types of overnight accommodations such as motels, hostels, inns, resorts, and guest homes. However, It often does not, include permanent or long-term lodging.

Hotels are mainly categorized in the hotel sector according to their star ratings. The ratings range from 1-star hotels to 5-star hotels. Just as you must have assumed, one-star hotels have the lowermost standards and facilities, while five-star hotels have the most.

You must first decide the type of hotel you want to work or manage for you to have a successful career in hotels or resorts. This is essential for your professional success because it will enable you to make wise decisions and avoid regrets,

Why You Should Choose a Career in the Hotel/Resort Industry?

Always Active

You won’t ever get uninterested working in a hotel environment. Because people need to be attended to, and the company needs to keep running, you will keep busy and fired up


There is never a dull moment because of the constant opportunity to interact with new individuals from other cultural and racial backgrounds who have different worldviews and lifestyles than you have.

Fundamental Soft Skills

You’ll learn to be resilient, flexible, and humorous in the hospitality industry. You’ll be able to do your daily tasks creatively, quickly, independently, and pleasantly. These skills are in high demand everywhere.

The hospitality sector supports the development of resilience and grit more than any other. In just a few years, you can learn everything there is to know about the hospitality, guest experience, service, and the entire industry by switching across departments and developing a widespread of skills and contacts.

The Average Salary for Jobs in Hotels/Resorts

Here is the data on the annual wage range of various hotel and resort employees released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Cooks – $23,330 – $29,780
  • $22,460 to $26,760 for wait workers in restaurants.
  • Cleaning and janitorial workers: $23,310 to $28,520
  • $31,240 for concierge services
  • Employees in the financial services industry: $33,090 to $56, 980
  • Chefs – $26,760 – $56,690
  • $42 270 to $103,170 is the range for managerial employees.
  • $28, 780 to $37,190 for administrative personnel


You should be aware that some variables, like the hotel’s location, size, and star rating, will affect how much money you can make working at hotels and resorts.

Is Hotel/Resort A Good Career Path?

Oh Yes! Hotels and resorts offer a great career path with so many opportunities for individuals with degrees and those in trades.

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The passion, desire and craving people have for hotels and resorts makes a career in the hospitality industry a fascinating one.

A noteworthy first step in entering the vast hospitality industry is determining to pursue a career in a hotel or resort. Yes, that is a vital professional choice.