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Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path?

The air-freight and delivery services are utilized in a range of industries by large corporations, small businesses, and private individuals that need their goods transported worldwide quickly and efficiently. Air Freight Delivery Services are therefore necessary for practically all businesses.

The industry is worth billions of dollars annually, and growth is expected over the next five years.

Benefits of Working In The Air Freight/Delivery Services Industry

Working in air freight delivery has these key benefits. After reading about these benefits, you’ll be able to see why a career in air freight/delivery services is a good choice.

Positive Business Climate

Because of the expansion in international trade, the transportation sector is growing. Companies can, therefore, easily access countries that produce goods at lower prices.

As a result, container transportation continues to grow and advance in technology.

Explore diverse cultures

Working in the air freight transportation sector can satisfy those who appreciate exploring new places and interacting with interesting people. They enjoy the excitement of speaking with people from other cultures.

They can better comprehend the specific logistical challenges that their country or region experiences, thanks to this as well.

Travel Potential

Some delivery and air freight jobs, like those of an air freight pilot, require travel. If you like going to far-off areas, an excellent job for you would be in air freight/delivery services.

What Are The Employment Prospects For Delivery And Air Freight Services?

Most people don’t frequently consider careers in logistics. But the reality is that this economic sector is very important to the United States.


The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that approximately 20 billion tons of cargo worth almost $19 trillion were transported on American roads in 2017.

By 2045, it is predicted that total freight will weigh 27 billion tons and be worth $38 trillion, demonstrating the size of this crucial yet frequently underappreciated business.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment possibilities in air freight/delivery services are expected to increase by 15% between 2016 and 2026.

Additionally, it is anticipated that job growth will occur quicker than average at the above rate.

What Profit Potential Does Air Freight/Delivery Possess?

The pay in the air freight/delivery services industry varies depending on your job title and employer. Operation Managers, for example, earn $44,000 to $92,000 annually.

Similar to that, Operations Supervisors earn an average pay of $63,799 and can earn anywhere between $34,000 and $91,000.

The general/operations manager’s pay ranges from $40k to $105k, with an average pay of $50,868.

In addition, an airline freight forwarder typically earns $41,000 a year.

The highest-paid Air Freight Coordinators pay $57,500 annually. The 25th Percentile earns $36,500, while the 75th Percentile earns $51,500.

Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path?

Due to the industry’s continuing growth and the demand for personnel, air freight delivery services are, in fact, a very good career path. The opportunities make it feasible to live comfortably because most jobs offer decent income and attractive benefits.

It is a wonderful alternative for many job searchers because the industry offers various jobs, from office employees to blue-collar workers.

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A long-term career in the air freight transportation services industry can be quite lucrative. Due to the great earning potential, individuals gain experience and move up the corporate ladder and are interested in the business and transportation sectors.

Online resources for opportunities and training are available to those interested in pursuing one of the professions mentioned above. If you want to increase your chances of employment, it’s crucial to update your resume, compose a cover letter, and work on your interviewing skills.