IRCC processing times – What to Expect After Your Application

As with humans, most foreign nationals considering migrating to Canada are often interested in the IRCC processing times. Every Canadian visa has a processing duration different from the next.

IRCC processing times

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has defined the visa processing time as the time or number of days it takes the government to process your visa application. The time starts counting from when they received your application, and this duration is often called the IRCC processing times.

Under this guide, we will consider an estimated time within which Citizens and Immigration Canada may process the foreign national’s visa. It is important to note that these are mere estimates. The pandemic has occasioned variances in the processing time.

However, improvements are ongoing by the IRCC to effectively manage the backlog of visa applications and improve the processing times.

Factors that can affect the IRCC Processing Times

Let’s take a quick look at the factors that could hinder the IRCC from quickly attending to your visa applications; they may include:

  • Type of visa application.
  • Country of applicant’s residency.
  • Application completion and correctness.
  • How easily IRCC can confirm the applicant’s information.
  • How quickly can IRCC process existing applications?
  • Duration before an applicant responds to additional requests.

Now we will consider different IRCC requests and their processing times

  1. The Express Entry Processing Time

6 months: Most applications processed under the Express Entry Program take about six months. The processing time starts counting from the date your application is received. Also, the applicant must have provided the required documents and uploaded them through their profiles.

To learn more about the Express Entry Program, please visit the IRCC Canada website.

  1. Permanent Residence Card Processing Time

13-27 days – if you are applying for a new PR card, the processing time would probably last about 13 days, while renewing or replacing an existing one will take around 27 days.

Please visit the official IRCC website to learn more about the PR Card.

  1. PR Card Renewal Processing Time

3 weeks – 4 months – when it concerns the renewal of a PR card, this can take several weeks or months. Always renew your PR card before it expires, especially if you are considering travel.

You can learn more about the PR Card renewal on the IRCC website.

  1. Canada Work Permit Processing Time

1-27 weeks – the Work Permit Processing Time is usually the longest. This permit’s processing time depends entirely on the level of your application’s completion and the office you applied through.

You are advised to visit the official IRCC website to learn more about this permit and its processing time.

  1. LMIA Processing Time

8-29 days – according to official reports, Canada is experiencing a delay in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. There is an upsurge in the amount LMIA applications being received in Canada. It can take 8-29 business days to process an application, depending on the LMIA one applies for.

Learn more about the Canada Labor Market Impact Assessment on the IRCC website.

  1. Study Permit Processing Time

1-16 weeks – the processing time for the Canadian Study Permit depends mainly on the applicant’s country of residence. Processing this could span between 1 – 16 weeks.

To learn more, please visit the Official IRCC website.

  1. Canadian Citizenship Processing Time

1 year: A quick survey of the Immigration and Citizenship website Canada will reveal that the grant for Canadian Citizenship takes about 12 months. As with the rest, this means that from the date you complete your application, it will take a year until your citizenship application is fully processed.

You can visit the official CIC Canada to learn more about the Canadian Citizenship application.

  1. Canadian Visitor Visa Processing Time

12 days: The visitor visa processing time can depend mainly on which country the applicant is applying from, just like the case with work visas and study permits. Applications from within Canada will mostly take12 days. Otherwise, just like we mentioned earlier, the processing time will largely rest on the country your application is emanating from.

Visit the Official website to learn more about Canadian Visitor Visa.

  1. Canada Spousal Sponsorship Processing Time

12-36 months: The spousal sponsorship application can be processed, on average, within 12 months. However, owning to different circumstances and locations, the processing time may vary.

Visit the official webpage of IRCC to learn more about Canadian Spousal Sponsorship.

  1. SuperVisa Processing Time

3-8 weeks: SuperVisas apply to the parent or grandparents of a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident. Applications in this regard are processed within a few weeks but can sometimes span up to 8 weeks. This is due primarily to the visa office and country the applicant is applying from

You can visit the CIC website to learn more about Canadian Super Visa.

  1. Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)

2-3 months – the expected processing time for a Canadian post-graduate work permit could largely span 2 to 6 months. An early application for a PGWP allows you to work after your student permit is expired.

Visit the official CIC website to learn more about Post-Graduate Work Permits.

Processing time for a Canadian passport

Every Canadian passport request or application is determined by how it was made, where it emanated from, and the urgency of the application.

The processing times for passport applications made within Canada would generally span between the following days:

  • 10 business days (for in-person applications)
  • 20 business days (for in-person applications at a Service Canada service point)
  • 20 business days (for applications submitted by mail)

When an urgent application is being made at a passport office, the processing time could be as low as by the end of the day or the following working day.

Applications from the United States can be made by mail to the Service Canada location or in person at the nearest passport office. The application processing time for US residents is usually 20 business days.

Applications from residents outside Canada or the USA may be sent to the nearest Canadian Government office in such countries, i.e., the embassy or consulate.

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