How Many Jobs are Available in Public Utilities?

How many jobs are available in public utilities? Public utilities are businesses that offer vital services to the public.

These consist of sewage treatment facilities, water, electricity, and natural gas systems, as well as other infrastructure including transport systems.

Public utilities are crucial for our everyday existence. Without them, our society would not be able to work.

The public utility sector includes a sizable and varied set of businesses that offer vital services to the American citizens.

These firms comprise electricity companies, telecom and cable firms, water systems and wastewater treatment plants, and natural gas distribution firms.

Although public utilities activities differ greatly from town to town, they all cooperate to offer vital services that help their clients in some way.

Take for instance:

  • Electricity companies supplies light to households and businesses all around the nation. They likewise run the power plants that supply villages and towns with electricity.
  • Telephone and cable companies’ offers telecommunication services like internet connection and phone lines.
  • Water systems supply people with safe drinking water via private wells or public water sources like lakeshores or riverbanks, which are frequently found in remote towns outside of big towns; they also keep reservoirs so that extra water can be stored during dry spells when supply is insufficient; they run the sites where untreated sewage is discharged into rivers or lakes, posing environmental issues for aquatic animals; they also maintain dams that serve as flood control mechanisms in times of heavy rainfall.

Public utilities are owned by local governments or a separate organization with the express purpose of delivering these services for the public welfare.

They strive to make sure that these materials are available to the public and are delivered in a secure and efficient manner.

Government entities or private businesses that operate infrastructures like power lines or pipelines usually own public utilities.

These companies ensure that they have sufficient resources to satisfy demand and avoid shortages.

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What are Public Utilities in America?

Public utility regions are those that have a direct connection to American citizens.

Some of them include telecommunication, transportation, electricity, and water.

The industries listed above and others that weren’t are all in need of qualified workers.

Some popular jobs in this industry are sewers, electricians, and plumbers.

These companies are in charge of offering good utilities to the general public.

Jobs in this field are based on the population, available positions, and people needed to maintain operations.

This number fluctuates from small communities to large cities.

The needs for employees have escalated due to the rise in water and electricity demand.

These public utility companies are managed by the federal government and the states.

They are both the regulatory agencies that establish guidelines to ensure efficient operation.

What are the Functions of Public Utilities in our Life?

Public utilities are crucial to a nation’s economy and financial development.

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the growing population is driving up the need for employees in public utilities.

The need for workers in this industry is anticipated to grow by 20% until 2024.

This increase is the result of growing demand for gas, electricity, and water, which is anticipated to increase much more in the upcoming years.

It is very difficult to live without the necessities of life.

Therefore, the management of public utilities is more preoccupied with the growth of jobs in this industry.

Public utilities industry is a good place to begin your career.

The majority of jobs available are in engineering, customer care, and maintenance divisions.

How Many Jobs are Available in Public Utilities?

There are presently about 675,775 vacancies open in the public utility industry.

Public utilities are services that are directly offered by the American government.

They contribute to the daily improvement of the nation and the general sense of security felt by its citizens.

These are also broken into different sectors, therefore the amount of jobs available will differ, however these are generally close estimates.

Jobs by Sectors

Three industries dominate the utilities sectors and are thus the greatest employers in the nation.

They include the natural gas sector, the water and waste distribution sector, and the electric utility sector.

These three pillars of American culture provide several employment opportunities.

Natural Gas Public Utility Sector

Natural gas is currently regarded as the main supplier of energy and heat output in America.

One of the key facets of the American economy is oil production.

This industry manages over 9.8 million jobs, or roughly 5.6% of the working population of the nation.

The gas sector offers services to homes, businesses, and other sectors.

This gas is a pure fossil fuel that is required to run companies, heat homes, and operate other fuel-related sectors.

This sector collaborate with the energy sector to give clients access to secure, dependable, and economical electric service.

According to studies, the natural gas sector would create over one million employment opportunities for production alone by the end of 2025.

The three most well-known factories in the natural gas sector are Energy Transfer, Exelon, and Duke Energy.

Water and Waste Management Public Utility Sector

Two of the biggest and most significant sectors in America are wastewater maintenance and public water supply.

The industry of wastewater maintenance is in charge of eliminating sewage from residential buildings and houses.

This industry supplies clean water and makes sure that it is used appropriately.

These sectors are also in charge of providing drinking water to homes, controlling many types of water, making sure the water is very clean for consumption, and regulating the city fairly.

It is a sector that has several micro units considering how busy the jobs are and how many people must work on them to guarantee there are no mistakes; that is why the public sector is always trying to fill unfilled positions in order to have the highest performance across all units.

The most well-known wastewater and water supply firms in America are Danaher Corporation, Ecolab, and Kemira.

Electric Power Utility Services

Since practically all household, public, private, and industrial services in the nation rely on a reliable power supply, the electricity industry may be the biggest in America.

As a result, each state autonomously controls how much electricity is provided to its towns.

Given the amount of labor required and how meticulous it needs to be, the power sector industry is divided into three subsectors.

These subsectors include electric power generation, which collects the natural resources needed to produce electricity (gas, coal, nuclear energy, and renewable energy sources); electric power transmission, which is in charge of producing electric power from renewable resources; and electric power distribution.

There are presently 7.5 million people working in the power industry nationwide.

When it comes to available jobs, there are over 1.3 million vacancies in America.

Some of the firms that lead the American electrical industry include Exelon Corporation, Southern California Edison Company, American Electric Power, and Florida Power & Light Company.

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Several Job Categories in Public Utilities

  • Energy Auditor
  • Water Engineer
  • Electrical Manager
  • Architectural Designer
  • Surveyor
  • Power Plant Operators
  • Petroleum Pump And Gas Station Operators
  • Geothermal Plant Operators
  • Utility Forester
  • Pipeline Inspectors
  • Communication Engineer
  • Hydroelectric Plant Technician
  • Hydroelectric Plant Operator
  • Renewable Energy Manager
  • Natural Gas Distribution Manager
  • Electric Power Plant Manager
  • Meter Reader
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Soler Photovoltaic Installer
  • Wind Form Manager
  • Gass Plant Manager
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer

Top 5 Highest-Paying Jobs in Public Utilities

Among the several jobs available in public utilities, the following are the top 5 highest paid:

1. Sub Station Engineer

The average substation engineer salary ranges from $90000 to $120000 annually.

Their main responsibilities include documentation, team coordination, and design drafting.

2. Power System Engineer

The average annual salary for a power system engineer is from $80000 to $115000.

They are in charge of constructing, operating, and repairing the electrical power system.

3. Power Plant Engineer

The salary range for a power plant engineer is $95,000 to $135,000.

Their primary duties revolve around managing the daily activities, inspection, and servicing the equipment.

4. Radiation Engineer

The average annual salary for a radiation engineer is from $70000 to $120000.

A radiation engineer performs radiation effect experiments and offers theoretical analysis.

5. Water Resource Specialist

The average annual salary for a water resource specialist ranges from $60000 to $300000.

They are employed for public awareness campaigns, environmental inspections, and water conservation initiatives.


If you are considering a career in public utilities, consider applying for any of these positions because they pay the most.

Many companies in the public utilities industry are seriously searching for qualified experts who can fill up this positions in their companies.


Public utility firms provide a variety of employment opportunities based on your experience and qualifications.

For picking this career, you can profit from a good pay package, retirement benefits, and numerous other advantages.

Select the position that best matches your skills and experience.

Browse online job boards and stop by your local job center for the most recent job vacancies.

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