Canada Tourist Visa: Online Visa Application and Document Requirements

The Canada Tourist visa, famous as a visitor visa or temporary resident visa (TRV), is designed to give you entry into Canada for tourism. This visa is attached to your travel documents or passport; it proves that you meet the requirements that qualify you to be present in Canada within the timeframe stated.

Also, citizens of certain countries can obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to travel to Canada. To know whether you’re eligible for this application, you can check the Canadian Immigration Website.

Canada Tourist Visa: Online Visa Application and Document Requirements


As a tourist, you must check if you’re eligible for a Canadian visa. To do this, you check the web for the Canadian Government’s official webpage. Here you’ll be asked a couple of questions ranging from your nationality, COVID-19, to the purpose of your visit. After this, you’ll receive a prompt that indicates your eligibility to apply for a Canada visa.

Now we will go into detail to discuss the types of Visas available for tourism in Canada. To conduct this check online, you only need to click on the Government of Canada’s official website.

For tourism, the entry visa is usually classified between the;

  • Canada Visa/Tourist Visa and
  • the Canadian Electronic Authorization (ETA).

A US citizen need not apply for a visa before gaining entry into Canada; being a citizen and meeting the basic requirements will grant them entry into Canada for at least 6 months.

In the case of a US Green Card Holder, while you don’t have to apply for a Canada Tourist Visa, you’ll be required to apply for the Canadian ETA, and this will grant you entry and assure your stay for up to 6 months in Canada.

If you do not fall into any of these categories, as mentioned earlier, you’ll therefore be required to apply for the Canadian Tourist Visa, and this post is for you.

STEP 1- Complete The Canada Tourist Visa Application Form

This application is conducted online on the Canadian Government’s official page. At this point, you will be required to create an account and your unique password. After this stage, you log into your account and accept the terms and conditions. Next, head to the section with the heading “Start an Application” and select “Apply to come to Canada”. Next is to find your “personal reference code”, and because you have none yet, all you need to do is look down the page and click on the heading “I do not have a personal reference code”.

STEP 2- Fill in the required information on the application form

To ascertain your eligibility for the Canada Tourist Visa, you’ll be asked questions that would help the authorities ascertain the following;

  • Travel purpose (select visit)
  • Duration of visit (not more than 6 months)
  • Select your country/passport code
  • State county/territory of residence
  • Inquiry into family members who are in Canada.
  • Your date of birth
  • Your marital status
  • Province of destination

Note that at this stage, the answers you provide will determine the documents you’ll be required to submit subsequently. You can also review and edit every piece of information you have inputted at this stage, check for mistakes in spelling and correct them too.

After this, you can continue and move on to the next page of the application process.

STEP 3– Upload the required documents for your Canada Tourist Visa; remember that the answers given during the first step will always determine the documents you’ll need to complete your application. Some of those documents could include the following ;

  • Visitor Visa Application (IMM 5257) is available on the site to be downloaded and filled out. After ensuring that all the information provided matches that previously entered on the website, you can sign on the last page before submitting this form.
  • A Valid Passport is required at this point. While uploading your passport, be sure it shows your bio and captures the following details; date of birth, country of origin, and any page with visas, stamps, or markings in the past.
  • Proof Of Sufficient Funds is another document that is required of you when making the application. This document is intended to show the Government of Canada that you have the means to support yourself financially while in Canada. Such documents will include bank statements, employment letters, etc.
  • A Digital Photo of yours, which must be in colour, with your full front view fully captured.
  • You’ll be required to state your travel purpose and provide documents showing your itinerary. These documents could be a flight ticket, your travel itinerary, and accommodation details.
  • Family Information Form (IMM5645), here, just like you did with the application form, you’re required to download this form and fill out its fields. This form generally requires information regarding your family details; after filling this out, save it and upload same.
  • You’ll also find a section labelled “Optional Documents” for any other document you wish to upload, but this is optional. Your application will not be denied because you failed to include any document here.

STEP 4 – Pay The Canada Tourist Visa Application Fee; after completing steps 1 and 2, you will be required to pay an application fee. At this level, you’ll be provided with information regarding the documents uploaded and the requisite fees to be paid. After signing and answering the question prompts, you are redirected to a card payment page where you can select the payment method of choice and make the necessary payment.

Afterwards, you’ll receive a confirmation via email. Conversely, you can refresh the official web page, sign in again, and check your application status.

When you have done all the above, you’ll receive a submission confirmation; within this message, you will find your visa application number and other details regarding the visa processing time.


STEP 5– Schedule Your Biometrics Appointment; the next step is for your biometric information to be captured by the embassy. You’ll receive a message with specific information, including your IRCC number, and about 30 days to schedule an appointment at any visa center of your choice.

STEP 6– Attend Your Biometrics Appointment; while preparing to attend this appointment, ensure you go along with your Biometrics Instruction Letter. After this appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation notification too. This message is called the Correspondence Letter.

STEP 7 – Submit Your Original Passport; at this stage, usually between 7 – 10 business days, you’ll receive another message requesting your original passport. At this stage, you can assume your application was successful; you submit your passport for your Tourist visa to be issued. Remember that you have only 30 days to submit your passport at this stage.

Your passport is submitted via email after obtaining your shipping labels through VFS.

Congratulations are in order here! At this stage, you must wait for your passport to be sent back to you from the Canadian embassy.

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