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Are public utilities a good career path?

Public utilities career choice

The market capitalizations of the public utility sector are high. A study has shown that the market capitalization is above $1.58 trillion. When students ask are public utilities a good career path? We have taken out time to answer this through this article. Most professionals are interested in working for large corporations because of some of their perks, like career and professional development, decent pay, mentorship, etc. 

Public utilities career choice

Companies in the utility sector provide such things as water services, electric gas, power distribution, etc. 

What Are Public Utilities?

Any business that caters to the needs of the general public is classified as a Public Utility. Common examples would include companies that provide cable television, water, electricity, gas, and many others. The term ‘public utility can also be used for a private business that provides specific goods or services to the public. 

Companies or businesses such as transportation, cable television, oil, natural gas, and telecommunications all fall within the public utility sector. Also not left behind in this sector are businesses focused on water treatment, solid waste collection, and disposal. These companies require a network structure and mostly use extensive networks of pipes, roadways, or lines. They use the public right of way and often have close physical links among their parts that require constant checks and maintenance. 

Historically, the description of the ‘Public utility’ term has been based on the essential tasks they carry out and not on whether or not the outfit is public or commercial.

These companies, referred to as ‘Public utility companies, have a direct effect on the public’s interest, not minding what ownership structure is in play. The companies actively playing a role in this sector must be seen to technically make sure their services are always available to the public. This is important, having seen that the aggregate of a society’s services equals its social capital. 

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The Features of a Public Utility 

The following features can be seen interwoven through the fabrics of each public utility: 

  • Provision of Necessary Services and Goods

Public utilities provide goods and services for the very survival of human life. Services and goods for energy, gas, water, transportation, water, and sewage are among the services they provide. Any society that lacks the provision of such services or goods will be severely malfunctioning. 

  • Tight restrictions

Companies engaged in providing for public utilities are under the control of the government. The services and goods they provide are necessary to satisfy the public’s fundamental needs. These tight restrictions are met to ensure there is no service breach or gap. 

  • Government Deal

It is worth noting that every business or company engaged in the provision of public utility can be described as having a contract with the government. The government, in turn, grants them a franchise designed to operate for a certain period. This franchise allows them to set up a network structure in streets and government-owned structures. 

Are Public Utilities A Good Career Path?

From the preceding, we would answer the above question in the affirmative. Yes, a career in the public utility sector is financially rewarding. It also offers other benefits like job stability and above-average pay and ensures possibilities for growth. As a young and ambitious professional, a career in this sector might be all you need to earn above the median wage and enjoy health insurance and a pension. This sector ensures you have the job satisfaction and stability young professionals desire. 

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In the public utility sector, one would find such divisions and job titles as Engineering, administration, marketing, technical positions, and customer service representatives. This sector presents young professionals and skilled laborers with a wide range of opportunities. 

Why Undertake a Career in Public Utilities?

A career in public utility assures you of many benefits that are not readily found among employees in the private sector. In this section of the guide, we will be taking a cursory glance at a few of these benefits. 

  • One requires little to no prior industry experience
  • There is the ease of professional development
  • The existence of a high level of employment stability
  • There is no gender-based pay disparity

 Available Jobs in the Public Utility Sector

The jobs or positions available under the public utility are a long list. This is major because all the services offered to the general public are listed. That notwithstanding, here’s a look at some of the services: 

  • Natural Gas Distribution Manager
  • Geothermal power plant operator
  • Petroleum pump systems operators
  • Power plant manager
  • Water laboratory technician.
  • Renewable energy manager
  • Environmental compliance specialist.
  • Water plant operator.
  • Pipeline Inspectors
  • Power distributors and dispatcher
  • Energy Auditor
  • Water restoration technician.

Most Lucrative Positions in the Public Utilities Sector

In this sector, as long as one is competent and secure in their skills, there will always be a job role for everyone. Public utilities as a sector encompass various occupations with reasonable compensation. However, we have listed the high-paying positions in the public utility sector to answer one of our frequently asked questions. 

  • Water Resource Specialist
  • Power Plant Engineer
  • Utility Manager 
  • Nuclear Criticality Safety Engineer
  • Radiation Engineers
  • Nuclear Licensing Engineer
  • Power System Dispatcher
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The public utility industry employs the most number of people; this is a result of the huge value placed on the sector. Employees within the sector also enjoy some advantages, unlike their counterparts in the private sector. 

Given the above statistics and guide, a career in public utility is a worthwhile investment.