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10 Most Popular Job Sectors in the USA and Average Salary

Popular Job Sectors in the USA

Every international student who dreams of going for studies abroad should know about the popular job sectors in the USA. It is not unusual to find students concerned about the job employment opportunities available in their chosen academic path.

Popular Job Sectors in the USA

Healthcare and Technology were the two sectors with the highest job openings and payments in the USA.

When we consider the USA job sectors, a couple stands out as the most sought-after sectors currently in the employment market. While Tech and IT still maintain their grip on this table, Energy, Lifesciences, Marketing, Healthcare, Retail, Business services, and E-commerce are among the popular job sectors in the USA.

The available data also reveal Computer Science, Medicine, Law, and Business Management as study areas that will ensure a student’s job security among the popular jobs in the US.

The most prestigious and well-paying job in the US is that of a doctor. A physician/doctor is paid an average of $212,000 per year. To practice in the US as a physician, one must pass the USMLE to obtain a ‘license to practice,’ which is not an easy feat to accomplish.

The second most popular job within the Healthcare sector is that of the Pharmacy Manager, which has a smaller opening in a year. Third, on our list is the job of the Software Architect. Lawyers are not left on the list as they earn, on average, the sum of $125,000 and above. So you will agree that students looking at a career in Medicine, Computer Science, and Law have well-set out opportunities already in the US.

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Below is a table with the 10 most popular job sectors in the USA  and their average salaries:

Average Salaries per Year Jobs
$212,000 Doctor/Physician
$126,930 Lawyer
$110,980 Management Consultant
$107,801 Data Scientist
$105,240 Front end Engineer
$117,713 Product Manager
$107,310 DevOps Engineer
$102,472 Data Engineer
$105,563 Software Engineer
$120,644 Finance Manager
$85,389 Nursing Manager
$85,794 Account Manager
$83,589 Java Developer
$78,356 Financial Consultant
$78,480 Business Development Manager
$71,483 Physical Therapist
$70,000 Clinic Manager

Let us have a cursory glance at some of these sectors listed above and their expected increase in demand as the years go by:

  1. Information Technology

The IT industry’s important role in the economic recovery and development of the USA cannot be overemphasized. The growth in this industry has trickled down to almost every other industry in the country. With the growth in this industry, we have witnessed digitalization and many advanced technologies like AI and Machine Learning; these have brought monumental growth to the economy of the world at large.

Computer science students have suddenly become a key part of the US workforce. Job placements have become extremely lucrative for the Information Technology sector as well. Every other sector places a high reliance on the IT sector.

Key skills in this sector range from analytical thinking data analysis, and research. Employment in this sector is expected to rise in the coming years.

  1. Healthcare

The healthcare sector added almost 3 million jobs between 2006 and 2015. The advent of IT has birthed new technologies in this sector, which has greatly improved the viability and demand for professionals in the sector. Every day is an introduction to new and improved products and services.

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The US population is considerably aging, so the sector has a high demand for medical professionals who can manage the increased health challenges encountered daily.

  1. Real Estate

This is also a thriving sector currently in the US. With the increase in population, housing needs also rise. The business of Real Estate and its effect on the US economy can be better seen when we look at the Census Bureau, which reported that spending on construction stood at $1.365 trillion in 2019.

Students with a business niche and who have taken courses in the area stand a high chance of benefiting from this sector. They are several business roles to be occupied in this sector. Individuals with planning, sales, and other business-related skills will always be a great fit for this industry.

  1. Retail

This sector accounts for 6% of the nation’s GDP, handles the country’s employment needs, and accounts for up to 10% of the employment status of the United States.

The key players in this sector include but are not limited to online retailers like Amazon, eBay, etc.

  1. Education

This sector is essential to developing the nation’s future workforce and economy. This sector is a popular job sector in the US with many opportunities. Teamwork, organization, research, and communication are some of the vital skills required of anyone who wishes to gain employment in this sector.